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本文摘要:The anti-Uber global alliance of ride-hailing companies has now officially taken shape.由叫车公司构成的全球反优步联盟正式成立。

The anti-Uber global alliance of ride-hailing companies has now officially taken shape.由叫车公司构成的全球反优步联盟正式成立。On Thursday, Lyft, a ride-hailing start-up based in the United States, announced a coalition with GrabTaxi, Ola and Didi Kuaidi, three of the largest ride-hailing companies in Asia. Under their partnership, the companies can operate in each others’ home countries, forging new pathways for each in markets they have yet to tap into.周二,总部在美国的叫车初创公司Lyft宣告,与亚洲仅次于的三家叫车公司GrabTaxi、Ola和滴滴慢的结成联盟。

通过合作,这几家公司需要在彼此所在的国家开展业务,以新的途径转入各自仍未踏上的市场。“This is the right international expansion strategy — for us, our users and our investors,” said John Zimmer, president and co-founder of Lyft, which is based in San Francisco and operates entirely within the United States.“对我们自己、用户和投资者来说,这都是准确的国际扩展战略,”Lyft总裁、牵头创始人约翰·楚默尔(John Zimmer)说道。该公司总部坐落于旧金山,只在美国境内运营。The alliance takes aim at Uber, the world’s largest ride-hailing company. Uber, which is currently seeking funding at a valuation of more than $60 billion, operates in 67 countries and has become synonymous with the business of people ordering rides from their smartphones.该联盟剑指世界仅次于的叫车公司优步(Uber)。

正在逾600亿美元估值的基础上融资的该公司,业务遍布67个国家,早已出了智能手机叫车业务的代名词。Many of Uber’s competitors are far smaller and operate in just one or two markets. By banding together, the companies aim to achieve more scale and more service adoption in relatively short amounts of time. Partnerships are less expensive than having to spend to establish operations in multiple markets.优步很多竞争对手的规模都要大得多,业务仅限于一两个市场。


The companies declined to reveal financial details of their partnership.几家公司拒绝接受透漏合作的财务细节。The alliance has been forming over the last few months. In September, Lyft teamed with Didi Kuaidi, the Chinese ride-hailing behemoth, to provide service to Chinese Didi Kuaidi app users who enter the United States. The move also let Lyft users find rides in China using the Lyft app; the requests are fulfilled by Didi Kuaidi drivers.过去几个月,这个联盟仍然正处于筹划过程中。9月,Lyft与中国叫车服务巨头滴滴慢的合作,为转入美国的滴滴慢的用户获取服务。

此举也让Lyft用户需要在中国用Lyft应用于叫到车,这些乘车市场需求则由滴滴慢的司机来符合。Ola is a ride-hailing company in India, and GrabTaxi operates in Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia. Under the partnership, Lyft users traveling to India will be able to open up the Lyft app in India and be served local rides supplied by Ola. In Southeast Asian countries, Lyft will have a similar arrangement with GrabTaxi.Ola是印度的一家叫车公司,Grab Taxi的业务范围则在新加坡、马来西亚、菲律宾、泰国、越南和印度尼西亚。根据合作协议,Lyft用户去印度时,需要在印度关上Lyft应用于,享用Ola在当地获取的用车服务。

在东南亚国家,Lyft也与Grab Taxi达成协议了类似于的决定。